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Can I specify my preferred shipping date?
  Yes, during checkout you will have the opportunity to select the ship week that works best for your planting schedule. If you aren't sure of the best time for planting in your area, call our customer service department for expert advice OR allow us to select the date that best suits your location.
What are my shipping charges?
  Santa Rosa Gardens tries to keep shipping costs as low as possible. We work with our vendors to negotiate the best rates and pass those rates on to our customers. Your shipping charges will be based on the weight of your shipment. Shipping will be displayed during checkout.
Do you offer international shipping?
  No, Santa Rosa Gardens only ships within the contiguous United States.
Do you ship to my state?
  Santa Rosa Gardens ships throughout the contiguous United States.

Due to agricultural restrictions, Santa Rosa Gardens is unable to ship any plants into Arizona and Hawaii at this time.

Alaska shipments will be subject to additional shipping charges.
How should I choose my shipping method?
  In order to ship out all of our plants each week and avoid weekend travel in the box, we ship most orders early in the week, Monday through Wednesday. On some occasions, orders may ship out on Thursday for Saturday delivery. Depending on the season, you may find that we have cutoff orders for that ship week as early as Sunday or Monday.

Please choose your requested ship date during checkout.
If you do not, our growers will choose an appropriate ship time. We want your plants to arrive when it is convenient for your planting schedule.

You may place your order as far in advance as you like. Some gardeners prefer to order plants early and get a confirmed ship date. Whatever your preference, we're here to help. Ordering in advance are also charged in advance since we pull the plants from available inventory and reserve them for your requested ship date.

After adding items to your cart, you may check your shipping options and charges on the first page of checkout, without having to complete checkout. If you have a question concerning shipping charges or shipping dates, please call us TOLL FREE at 1-866-681-0856. We're happy to help!