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  Perennial Shade Garden
Perennial Shade Garden
Perennial Shade Garden

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Availability: SPRING 2015
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Perennial Shade Garden
For Zones 5-9.    Approximately 4 ft x 15 ft.   Part/full shade.

All you need to add is a bench, so you can sit and enjoy the long blooming season of this shade garden. Spectacular foliage and seed pods add to the show.

Design by Jude.

A – (1) Belamcanda Hello Yellow BLACKBERRY LILY
Beautiful clear yellow blooms on fan-shaped leaves.

B – (1) Hosta Wide Brim PLANTAIN LILY
Arguably one of the best hostas, this is a large, showy, fast growing hosta with heart shaped leaves, blue-green center and a wide irregular cream border.

C – (3) Stokesia Color Wheel STOKES ASTER
Starting in mid-May 'Colorwheel' sends up branched bloom stalks which open almost pure white. As the days progress, the same bloom fades to lavender, then to deeper lavender and finally to purple.

D – (1) Tradescantia Concord Grape VIRGINIA SPIDERWORT
This clump forming plant has blue-green foliage that resembles the leaves of iris. The pretty flowers contain three petals, which are violet in color with purple stamens that hold bright yellow pollen in the center.

E – (2) Athyrium Metallicum JAPANESE PAINTED FERN
The delicate fronds of Japanese Painted Fern are silver with green highlights and subtle burgundy veination.

F – (1) Hydrangea Nikko Blue MOPHEAD NIKKO BLUE
Hydrangea macrophylla Nikko Blue is probably the most well known and recognizable hydrangea out there. It’s the one we think of from our childhoods. It also has one of the truest blue blooms from the genus Hydrangea.

G – (3) Geranium Rozanne CRANESBILL ROZANNE
Rozanne produces large violet-blue flowers with purple-violet veins and radiant white centers.

H – (3) Astilbe Bridal Veil FALSE SPIREA
The classic white astilbe. Fragrant, attractive, vivid green, semi-glossy foliage with fluffy, pure-white flowers that have a cascading effect.

J – (3) Heuchera Venus CORAL BELLS
Big leaves of brilliant silver with deep purple/green veins.

Santa Rosa Gardens pre-planned Perennial Shade Garden includes 18 top-quality potted plants, full planting instructions and an easy-to-follow illustrated diagram.

Note: If a variety is unavailable, our designer will select a substitute of similar characteristics.

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