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Ornamental grasses are one of the most versatile groups of plants. They add life, motion and sound to the landscape. Browse our complete A to Z listing of ornamental grasses, sedges, and grass-like plants.

Carex Sedges

Carex sedges are grass-like, clumping plants. Carex are generally grown for foliage effect in borders, containers, ground cover, rock gardens and water gardens. Santa Rosa Gardens carries a wide assortment of carex sedges.

Coastal Grasses

Coastal Grasses. These coastal ornamental grasses are not only beautiful, but they help in establishing and maintaining dunes. In addition, many of these coastal grasses are very salt, sand and wind tolerant.

Color Grasses

A spectacular series of species grasses picked for perfect pot performance.

Groundcover Grasses

The group of groundcovers increasing most rapidly in popularity at present is the ornamental grasses. With many offering heights under one foot, Santa Rosa Gardens offers an ornamental grass to fit all of your groundcover needs.

Native Grasses

Santa Rosa Gardens grows a wide diversity of native grasses. These ornamental grasses are wonderful for naturalizing, creating grass meadows, or simply tucked amongst your existing garden plants. Try some of these grasses today!

Tall Screening Grasses

Tall screening ornamental grasses. Many ornamental grasses will form a tall screen year after year. These grasses are both majestic and functional in the landscape.

Water Tolerant Grasses

These ornamental grasses and rushes don't mind having their toes wet. In fact, many will thrive submerged. At Santa Rosa Gardens, you'll find a wide assortment of water lovers to accent your water garden.