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  Perennial Shade Garden
Perennial Shade Garden
Perennial Shade Garden

18 potted plants
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Perennial Shade Garden
For Zones 5-9. Approximately 4 ft x 15 ft. Part/full shade.

All you need to add is a bench, so you can sit and enjoy the long blooming season of this shade garden. Spectacular foliage and seed pods add to the show.

Design by Jude.

A (1) Belamcanda Hello Yellow BLACKBERRY LILY
Beautiful clear yellow blooms on fan-shaped leaves.

B (1) Hosta Wide Brim PLANTAIN LILY
Arguably one of the best hostas, this is a large, showy, fast growing hosta with heart shaped leaves, blue-green center and a wide irregular cream border.

C (3) Stokesia Color Wheel STOKES ASTER
Starting in mid-May 'Colorwheel' sends up branched bloom stalks which open almost pure white. As the days progress, the same bloom fades to lavender, then to deeper lavender and finally to purple.

D (1) Veronica Mauve Moody Blues SPEEDWELL
Vivid long-blooming flower spikes over long, narrow creased leaves. Beautiful spires add a unique flower form to your garden.

E (2) Athyrium Metallicum JAPANESE PAINTED FERN
The delicate fronds of Japanese Painted Fern are silver with green highlights and subtle burgundy veination.

F (1) Hydrangea Sike's Dwarf DWARF OAKLEAF HYDRANGEA
Cone-shaped flowers emerge white and turn pink as they mature. Handsome foliage turns rich burgundy in fall.

G (3) Geranium Rozanne CRANESBILL ROZANNE
Rozanne produces large violet-blue flowers with purple-violet veins and radiant white centers.

H (3) Astilbe Bridal Veil FALSE SPIREA
The classic white astilbe. Fragrant, attractive, vivid green, semi-glossy foliage with fluffy, pure-white flowers that have a cascading effect.

J (3) Heuchera Stainless Steel CORAL BELLS
Big leaves of brilliant silver with deep purple/green veins.

Santa Rosa Gardens pre-planned Perennial Shade Garden includes 18 top-quality potted plants, full planting instructions and an easy-to-follow illustrated diagram.

Note: If a variety is unavailable, our designer will select a substitute of similar characteristics.

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