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Mailing Address:
Santa Rosa Gardens
PO Box 10886 Pensacola, FL 32524

Sales Office: (850) 202-4899
Fax: (866) 881-8927 available 24 hours, 7 days a week
Toll Free: 1-866-681-0856
Our phone hours are 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday, CDT.

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Sales Manager

Judith ‘Boertje’ Groninger
With a Dutch Botany professor as her father, a seed sprouted in the horticultural world. She was destined to be a plant enthusiast. Rooted in a background of drafting and design, Jude branched out into gardening knowledge as a Master Gardener in the north and south. Stretching even further, she grew in the academic world as a researcher and teaching assistant. Jude was instrumental in the design of the Florida Panhandle Butterfly House. Hoping to become a perennial favorite, she is now blooming at Santa Rosa Gardens.

You'll find some of Jude's favorite garden designs among our pre-planned garden packages.