Begonia Rex Escargot
Begonia Rex Escargot
Begonia Rex Escargot

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3.5" pot
Price: $8.95

Zones: 10, 11
Mature Size: 6 - 10" tall, 12 - 15" wide
Light: Part Shade, Full Shade
Blooms: Early Summer to Early Fall
Flower Color: Pink

Available: Spring 2017

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Begonia rex Escargot (Escargot Begonia). This exciting new rex Begonia is making waves in the marketplace. Begonia rex Escargot was featured on the Martha Stewart Show. Begonia rex Escargot is attractive and hardy. It might just be the perfect house plant, as it resists diseases and insects. It handles all but the worst neglect. This is a sensational looking plant that will do very well in a conservatory, a greenhouse, a windowsill or in a summer patio / yard container. Begonia rex Escargot gets its name from the unique way that the leaf curls in on itself, creating a spiral effect that resembles the shell of a snail. The deeply spiraled leaves of Begonia rex Escargot, marked in bands of silver and green, are the hallmark of this hybrid that drew quite an audience when it was first introduced in the UK at GLEE. Its flowers are a rosy-pink color.
Special Characteristics:
  • Terrarium
  • Houseplant

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